Shamanic Astrology 2013 Tele-gathering


“Saturn in Scorpio:
New Rules Governing The Power of Yin”

In the Chinese "Year of the Black Snake",
the Snake Sheds Yet Another Skin


Saturday, January 26, 2013
3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12noon PST

(and on around the globe)

Saturn moves through Scorpio
once every twenty-nine and a half years.
This Saturday's (Saturn's-day) tele-class is intended to help us  understand the nature and intent of this all-important passage.

The hour is now -- right now -- thru December 2014.
Saturn in Scorpio says to all of us,
"It's time to get real!!!"

And we say, "Okay, Saturn!  But "get real" about what?

-- About The Power of Yin (Scorpio);
-- About the new emergence, new experience and new expression
of the Yin, feminine essence and who "rules" her;
-- About grounding ourselves in the new feminine reality;
-- About how The World really looks, sounds,
feels, tastes, and smells to the feminine.

The time is now, right now thru December 2014
to lay a rock solid foundation on which to build . . .

a safe, secure and stable
New Home for Yin, the feminine, on Earth

Leo Full Moon Jan 26, 2013 Leo Full Moon Jan 26, 2013

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