Tired of living this Life in a fog? In the blind?

Now you can know!!!

Know your Divine Purpose -- what we call
"The True Intent of Your Soul."

Know how to live your everyday Life
in alignment with that intent and thereby . . .

Receive maximum support
from the Universe for your Life!

Truly, I look forward to meeting you.

May Love have Its way with you,


(formerly Sao)

Contact Information:

I am in Bali, Indonesia for several months.  While traveling I am available for
Shamanic Astrology readings (“sacred communions”) and consultations.

To contact me, please feel free to use any of the following:


For free long-distance and texting via desktop and laptop computers, c-phones and tablets.
provided that both parties are using Skype. If you don’t have Skype
on your computer/c-phone, it’s very easy to download and use.
My Skype name is: sao.astrology

For free long-distance and texting via c-phone and tablets
(not desktop and laptop computers) provided that both parties are using Viber.
“Viber” is an app that can be downloaded from your app store.
My Viber number is:  +62 813 5339 0441

If you don’t use Skype or Viber
or some other medium that offers free long-distance and texting,
and you prefer to not use them, please let me know that
and we can explore other possibilities.  Thank you.

Let us all move forward to Peace and Beauty,

(formerly Sao)

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